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No more talking about it. No more thinking about it. It’s time to BE about it!

42-To-Fit, powered by Ross Valley Crossfit, is an innovative fitness program that supports long-term, sustainable results by combining nutrition and wellness education with customized training and concierge care. 

“Call me with more info, Concierge Coach!”

What Makes 42-To-Fit Different?

Proven Results Our clients lose an average of 8 pounds of fat, while gaining an average of 3 pounds of muscle in just a few short weeks… and we have the statistics to prove it. 

Smart Training + Scientifically Proven Nutrition Planning = Your Fitness Success

Concierge CoachesA Master Coach will craft your personalized 42 day fitness & nutrition plan, based on your unique goals, lifestyle, schedule, and personal history & will be charged with keeping you on track from Day One. 

Personalized Care + Total Support = Your Fitness Success

Multiple Training ProgramsFour unique, but complimentary training programs, offered 6 days a week, will keep you inspired and engaged. 1 weekly personal training session with a Master Coach will keep you progressing.

Variety + Unlimited Access = Your Fitness Success

About The 42-To-Fit program: 

  • Monday, January 13th – February 24th, 2020
  • Concierge Program Design – A Master Coach will craft your exclusive 42-Day training and nutrition program around your unique goals, current fitness level, lifestyle & schedule
  • Unlimited access to 4 unique group training programs designed to keep you engaged and motivated to reach your goals, offered 6 days a week
  • 1 personal training session per week
  • State-of-the-art evaluations to determine your current health and abilities, including pre & post Accubody composition scans 
  • Customized meal plan with Exclusive Online Nutrition Support Portal, complete with recipes, menus & grocery shopping lists
  • Customized exercises, based on your body, age, fitness level, injuries, and goals 
  • Daily accountability on workouts, nutrition, and wellness-supporting lifestyle habits 
  • Weekly Educational Seminars & Webinars to support you in staying on track!
  • 24/7 text support from your Concierge Coach
  • Private FaceBook group for 24/7 support
  • Exclusive “Kick Off” Event with Live Nutrition Seminar on Saturday, January 11th! Learn what you need to succeed! Meet your Coaches. Connect with your Fit in 42 Community!
  • Encouraging community of fun, like-minded people working hard together!
  • The opportunity to work smarter and harder than you ever have before, with the guidance of expert trainers

You receive: 

•  6 Workouts Each Week, 5 Classes & 1 Personal Training Session ($855 Value)

•  Weekly Webinars and Nutrition Check Ins ($300 Value)

•  Pre-& Post InBody Weigh-in’s and Measurements ($80 Value)

•  Customized MACRO meal plan with Exclusive Online Nutrition Support Portal, complete with recipes, menus & grocery shopping lists ($300 Value) 

Total Value $1535
Your Price $890
Savings $645, 42% off Retail Value 

*The care required to deliver guaranteed results demands that we limit the 42-To- Fit program to a small number of clients. 


The 42-To-Fit program is guaranteed to get you the results you want, using scientifically proven methods, delivered in a fun, supportive, motivating environment, with 24/7 personalized support. It’s all you need. Guaranteed.

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