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Please read the three sections below to find out how our bootcamp works!
We can't wait to meet you, create your fitness plan, and talk more about our program.

Benchmark Day!

Your 1st Step towards

Sat. Oct. 1st from 10:30am - 11:30am

Benchmark Day is Kick Off Day! Get pumped for camp AND get a ton of great info on functional fitness, nutrition, PLUS a super-fun kick-start workout, perfect for everyone!
We'll cover:
High intensity interval training; why we do it & how to personalize it
• Education on multiple nutrition regimens, as well as strategies for staying on track
• What you can expect from camp: class times & schedules, training style
AccuBody body composition scans
• Details on The Nutrition Challenge: how it works and how to WIN!
Meet the RVC Coaching team, your support system for the 6-Week Challenge!
Get your first workout under your belt! Challenging, fun, and scalable for every body, reserve your Benchmark Workout time by signing up today!
6 weeks of unlimited training, a personalized nutrition plan, and the support of world class coaches for only $249

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IGNITE! Fall Fitness

How the 6-Week
Bootcamp works...

Mon. Oct. 3rd thru Sat. Nov. 12th

The IGNITE! Fall Fitness Boot Camp offers 6 weeks of high intensity workouts in true boot camp style:

Shed fat, build muscle, strengthen your core, and get toned!
• Challenging, customizable workouts for every fitness level...yep, everyone can do this!
World-class coaches to educate, instruct, motivate, and inspire you!
High energy! Positive vibes! Awesome music!
Fun equipment like dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, and more! (Don't worry, no barbells, no heavy weights)
• A perfect way to kick start a new training program just in time for the holiday season
• Boot camp classes offered multiple times a day, up to 6 days a week.
• Unlimited attendance; come as often as you like. No reservations required.
6 weeks of unlimited training, a personalized nutrition plan, and the support of world class coaches

GET FIT FOR FALL! Finish 2016 stronger, leaner, and faster than ever, ready to crush holiday parties looking svelte... Because who wants to hide behind a sweater?

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The Challenge


We’ve been doing this fitness thing for a long time, and we know that providing an accountability system is essential for keeping people motivated…especially when that system involves prizes. In addition to sweeeeeeet weekly prizes, we’ve got an ALL EXPENSES PAID GRAND PRIZE TRIP TO GIVE AWAY!! Yes, flight and lodging to a super sweet secret location are on the line, so start packing your bags, baby!

Here’s how The Challenge works:
1. Schedule your Accubody scan anytime between Saturday, October 1st and Tuesday, October 4th.
2. Receive your personalized Accubody prescription for fat loss, based on your scan data.
3. Receive shopping lists, recipes, and menus, as well as exclusive discounts to My Power Supply paleo meal delivery service.
4. Track and report your points each week to keep you focused AND be in the running for weekly and Grand Prize giveaways! (you’ll learn more on Benchmark Day)
5. Be assigned an RVC Coach to be your support system, sounding board, Anti-Donut police, etc.
6. Learn how to eat to support your life, your training, your vitality and your vanity :)
7. Don’t freak out; if you can’t make it to Benchmark Day, but want to participate in the Boot Camp and Challenge, no worries. Get officially signed up, and then contact us. We’ll find a time that works for your schedule to do workout and go over the details.

Be READY for A Fit Festivus! Sign up today!


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