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IGNITE! Bootcamp Portal

This Portal has EVERYTHING you need to succeed in the Fitness & Nutrition Challenge: videos, articles, recipes, and more! Check it out NOW, and check it out OFTEN!

A couple things to highlight: in the Portal, you’ll find videos discussing the hows and whys of HIIT (high intensity interval training), in addition to discussing what “Fitness” really means, and how to achieve it.

But those Nutrition Videos though!!!!!! 

Check out Coach Nick discussing all the Nutrition Challenge categories: Drop the Junk, Paleo, Zone, MACROs & The FAST METABOLISM Plan, as well as MASSIVE pdfs on Paleo eating, including a 6-week menu, complete with shopping lists and recipes!! Further, the Zone is covered in yet another article, courtesy of our friends at CrossFit HQ; you’ll even find a huge Zone portioning list, outlining the block counts for a ton of foods, as well as easy, delicious menus for quick Paleo snacks and meals. And the list goes on.

In short, there’s a ton of information here. The sooner you dive into it, the better!

 But a few quick thoughts:

  • Weighing, measuring & portioning food is worth the effort, and will yield AMAZING results; if you’re shooting for a significant change in body composition and can commit to consistency here, we highly recommend MACROS or Zone regimens. (Don’t forget: you MUST have an Accubody scan & the My Fitness Pal app!)
  • On that note, MACROS offers a flexible method of calorie control. If you want to play the weighing & measuring game, but it’s your first time, MACROS might be the best place to start.
  • If you are willing to do anything necessary to reach a specific goal, then Zone it all the way, baby! The Zone, while requiring portioning of every meal, is a stellar regimen for significant body composition changes, in addition to teaching good portioning habits.
  • If you want big change, but can’t commit to weighing & measuring, then hit Paleo for awesome results, especially if you’ve never omitted dairy, grains & legumes before. You’ll note a decrease in bloat within days!
  • If you’ve been a chronic under-eater, resulting in your metabolism coming to a grinding halt, and you can’t get it revving again, we’d recommend the FAST METABOLISM Plan.

Regardless of what category you choose, making any change to your current eating routine WILL offer positive results. And remember that we’re only committing to 6 weeks; you can go back to “normal” in November…. If you want to. But don’t be surprised if these 6 weeks completely change the way you think about food and your body.

Even with all this info, your RVC Coaches stand ready to support your success, so make use of their knowledge!! Good luck!

Love, Your RVC Coaching Crew

P.S. You’ll find a TON of articles, recipes, etc as links BELOW the videos…….

Nutrition PDF’s

RVC Nutrition Information Packet

The Zone Meal Plan

Paleo Plan Quickstart Guide

Paleo Plan Guide to Oils and Fats

Paleo – Why No Grains or Legumes?

Formula for Improving Physique

Keep in mind, no matter what nutrition plan you undertake for your Nutrition Challenge, there is only one way to make sure it works! It starts with consistency, then total calories in/out, what those calories are made of (% carb/fat/protein), and lastly how you time them. See the hierarchy of nutrition below.