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IGNITE! 6 Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Ok gang. It’s that time again….time to reset your nutrition habits to get the MOST out of all the training you do, PLUS be ready to look and feel amazing just in time for the holiday season.

RVC’s 6 Week Nutrition Challenge kicks off on September 29th with BenchMark Day!

If this is your first nutrition challenge with RVC, you only need to know 1 thing right now: in our last Nutrition Challenge, participants lost an average of 8 pounds of FAT, and gained an average of 3 pounds of MUSCLE! That could be YOU!

And if this ain’t your first time at the “nutritional rodeo” with RVC, then you KNOW how fun & effective this bi-annual event is!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Challenge runs from October 1st through November 10th
  • The Kick Off Benchmark Workout is Saturday, September 29th
  • Get a personalized 6-week Nutrition Plan with Pre & Post Challenge Accubody scans
  • Multiple Challenge categories: “Drop the Junk”, Paleo, Zone, Macros & NEW FAST METABOLISM PLAN!!!
  • Online Challenge Portal with nutritional support videos, recipes & more! (link sent upon signup)
  • Quick & easy daily surveys sent to your inbox to keep you accountable AND keep you in the running for weekly prizes.
  • Coach guidance & support materials
  • Only $69

The Challenge is simple:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Check out the Nutrition Portal for all the info on all the challenge categories, articles, recipes & more
  3. Do the benchmark workout!
  4. Complete your Accubody scan
  5. Commit to your personalized plan
  6. Get in your weekly workouts (minimum 3 times a week)
  7. Complete your quick & easy daily surveys
  8. BOOM: BE HOLIDAY READY by November 10th.

RVC Challenges work because we combine sound nutrition science with super effective training.

But I’ll let you in on a secret: challenges work because you’re not in it alone. It’s a fact that you’ll be more successful in your fittest goals with buddies by your side.

On that note, do you have a non-RVC buddy that wants to get healthy & happy? We’re running an IGNITE! Boot Camp for non-members during the Nutrition Challenge. So be a good friend! Tell them to use the code “IGNITE” at check out for RVC’s Nutrition Challenge & Boot Camp. They’ll enjoy a $50 discount off the regular Camp price of $299! Yep, just for being your homie, they’ll get 6 weeks of unlimited IGNITE! classes plus all the goodies of the Nutrition Challenge for only $249.

Commit to looking & feeling awesome this holiday season! Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge today!