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IGNITE! 6 Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Ok gang. It’s time to get serious about the HOLIDAYS!! But we’ve got some bad news: simply getting in your workouts will only take you so far. If you’re not backing up all that hard work with a solid nutrition plan, you’re only scratching the surface of your true awesomeness… why not go all the way??

The GOOD NEWS is that RVC’s 6 Week Nutrition Challenge begins September 30th (benchmark day). This is the kick start you need to face down holiday season with confidence! Case in point: Did you know that in our last Nutrition Challenge, participants lost an average of 8 pounds of FAT, and gained an average of 3 pounds of MUSCLE?! That could be YOU!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Challenge runs from October 2nd through November 11th
  • The Kick Off Benchmark Workout is Saturday, September 30th
  • Get a personalized 6-week Nutrition Plan with Pre & Post Challenge Accubody scans
  • Multiple Challenge categories: “Drop the Junk”, Paleo, Zone or Macros!
  • NEW!!! Online Challenge Portal with nutritional support videos, recipes & more!
  • Weekly check-ins, support materials, Coach support & prizes!
  • Unlimited access to IGNITE! classes regardless of current membership.
  • Only $69

The Challenge is simple: Pick a Challenge category, track your points each week on the Challenge ScoreBoard at RVC, get in your weekly workouts, and BOOM: you’ll be HOLIDAY READY by November 11th.

RVC Challenges work because we combine sound nutrition science with super effective training. But I’ll let you in on a secret: challenges work because you’re not in it alone. It’s a fact that you’ll be more successful in your fittest goals with buddies by your side.

Do you have a non-RVC buddy that wants to get healthy & happy? We’re running an IGNITE! Boot Camp for non-members during the Nutrition Challenge. So be a good friend! Tell them to use the code “IGNITE” at check out for RVC’s Nutrition Challenge & Boot Camp. They’ll enjoy a $50 discount off the regular Camp price of $249! Yep, just for being your homie, they’ll get 6 weeks of unlimited IGNITE! classes plus all the goodies of the Nutrition Challenge for only $199. AND since you’ll have unlimited IGNITE! access, you can join them for workouts. What a good friend you are!

Commit to looking & feeling awesome this holiday season! Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge today!