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CrossFit Kids


Crossfit is fantastic for growing bodies! Everything we do at RVC is functional and natural, meaning that the exercises we teach correlate directly to your child’s physical needs in sport, in play, and in life. Whether your child is already an athlete, or has yet to determine fitness to be “fun”, our certified coaches are highly skilled at conveying the importance of life-long health and fitness in a manner that’s relevant to your child. If your child is already athletic, we can help them excel in their current sport, stay focused in the off-season, or perhaps make the team for the first time. If your child is not athletically inclined, you will find that CrossFit Kids training provides a customizable physical outlet that is challenging, yet fun.

CrossFit Kids classes are 30 minutes in duration, and include a warm up, skill drilling, and mini WOD(workout of the day) Your child will utilize kid-appropriate weights like kettle bells, dumb bells, and medicine balls, in addition to jump ropes, plyometric boxes, rings, ropes and their own body weight. 

The emphasis is on having fun in an inclusive environment.

Multiple studies now unquestionably link physical fitness with sharpened mental focus, improved grades, heightened feelings of self-confidence and well-being, as well as an obvious drop in obesity rates. Providing our children with a foundation of fitness is a necessity for their long-term health. But it has to be fun! So we invite your child to attend their first CrossFit Kids class as our guest, so you can both check out what our CrossFit Kids program has to offer. And of course, our coaches are always available to discuss any specific needs/concerns you have for your child at your convenience.

To reserve your child’s complimentary CrossFit Kids class, please view our schedule here. Once you’ve selected the class of your choice, you’ll be able to sign your child’s waiver and confirm their appointment. Parents are welcome to remain or leave gym during the Kids class.