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End-Of-Challenge Info, schedule reminders, and more from RVC…..


End-Of-Challenge Info, schedule reminders, and more from RVC…..

Hey there!

First of all, congratulations to all the Nutrition Challengers for making it to the last week! And huge shout out to Marte M and Sarah A for winning the 5th week! We’ve got this week left, with 2 more winners and then….. we’ll determine the grand prize winner!!! And that winner will receive bragging rights, a strong bod and……..a $400 Virgin America gift card and $400 Visa card!!!! So stick with it all the way to Saturday, folks!!
Important items:
  • To work out this Saturday (whether you did the Challenge or not) you need to reserve a heat time. Follow this link to get set up. Please arrive about 20 minutes early to warm up (warm up will be provided for you) as we will begin each heat on time.
  • Reserve your final Accubody scan asap and find the truth that your bathroom scale can’t offer!
  • RVC’s Thanksgiving WOD is not to be missed! All are welcome: start-time TBD but save the morning for your fitness!!
  • If you haven’t become a full-fledged RVC member yet, get some skin in the game! We’ve got complimentary training time for you if you sign up before Saturday! Follow this link to view membership options and get signed up!
  • On that note, IGNITE! BOOT CAMPERS!! Please note that the schedule that you’ve enjoyed during the Boot Camp is our standard IGNITE! schedule. If you’ve loved the training and loved the schedule, then get yourself signed up for an RVC membership and keep the fit flowing!!! We’ve got a membership to fit every schedule and budget need, so if you have a will to train, we can find a way. Talk to Coach Nick or Steph if you have any questions about customized memberships.
We love you, RVC peeps!!! Let’s hang tough through the week and savor victory this weekend!!!
Your RVC Coaching Crew

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