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IGNITE! Fall Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp is BACK!!!!


Ross Valley CrossFit’s IGNITE! Fall Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp runs from Monday, Oct. 7th through Saturday, Nov. 16th!

Get your fitness and nutrition back on track with a proven system that guarantees YOU results!

Join us for 6 solid weeks of fat burning, muscle building fitness that will tighten, strengthen and tone up your ENTIRE body, just in time for the holidays!!


IGNITE! Fall Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp includes not only unlimited access to the RVC’s IGNITE! Boot Camp program, BUT ALSO unlimited access to RVC’s newest fitness programs: Functional Strength Training AND Upper Cut!

IGNITE! Boot Camp is the BEST boot camp in Marin! Using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) this class gets your heart pumping for 60 minutes of non-stop action, burning a ton of calories, while building muscle! Use dumbbells, kettlebells, and your own body weight (no barbells or heavy weights) to shed fat, have fun, and feel phenomenal. Every workout is personalized to your abilities by a Master Coach!

Functional Strength Training is all about “evening-out” your physique, building strength, and improving muscular balance in the body, using high volume and medium weight loads. There are no “time elements”, no clocks….just you, controlled weight-bearing movements, positive energy, and phenomenal results.

Upper Cut is RVC’s new boxing conditioning program! Using gloves, strike pads and heavy bag work, this class can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! You’ll be striking, jabbing, and sweating away extra pounds, while building a bunch of beautiful muscle! Led by a certified boxing class coach, you’re gonna LOVE this program!!

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BUT REMEMBER! Your fitness is incomplete without a solid nutrition plan!

In addition to unlimited expert training, you receive a 6 week customized nutrition plan based on your goals and lifestyle, complete with a pre- and post-Accubody body composition scan!

Our exclusive Online Nutrition Portal offers you everything you’ll need to succeed in your kitchen, including videos, articles, meal plans, shopping lists, menus, recipes and so much more!

And of course, our coaches are nutrition experts, and will be ready to support you every step of the way!

Plus our built-in Accountability System will keep you ON TRACK as you go!

RVC’s IGNITE! Fall Fitness & Nutrition offers EVERYTHING you need to get in shape for the holidays and BEYOND!

Sign up here for RVC’s IGNITE! Fall Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp today and be ready for the holiday party season!!!