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Step 1 - Take a Free Class

The Group Class is fun, effective, and perfect for ANYONE at any ANY FITNESS LEVEL who wants to get fit & healthy.

Join us for your choice of CrossFit or IGNITE! Boot Camp class.

Each class is led by a Master Coach who will guide you through each movement, insuring your workout is effective, challenging & appropriate for your current fitness level

Our CrossFit classes utilize weightlifting, body-weight based movements, and endurance work to build strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, agility, accuracy, balance, flexibility and coordination.

You’ll build muscle, burn fat, get lean and feel awesome.

Our IGNITE! Boot Camp classes offer the same benefits; the only difference is that IGNITE! Classes do all that without using a barbell.

So pick your poison, reserve your free class, and discover why RVC is so AWESOME at getting our clients life-changing results!

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Step 2 - Intro Month

After your Free Class, sign up for a discounted Intro Month.

Enjoy 30 days of unlimited CrossFit and IGNITE! Boot Camp classes: learn the movements, gain confidence, and establish your new training routine with expert coaches and a motivating community!

The Trial Month - includes 30 days of unlimited group classes for $199*


*Receive a $50 discount when you sign up for the Intro Month within 24 hours of your Free Class.

• The OnRamp Program is an additional option for those who prefer to start with private training before moving into group classes.

The OnRamp Includes five 60 min. Private Training sessions for $399.

Step 3 - Membership

After your first 30 days with us, you'll know if you're ready to go steady with RVC.

During your first month of membership, you'll enjoy:

- 1 AccuBody Body Composition Scan
- Body Composition Analysis
- Personalized Nutrition Plan
- Nutrition Information Package
- 4 Complimentary 90 min. RVC BarBell Club sessions
- 30 Minute Goal Setting session with Coach Steph

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