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IGNITE your metabolism! Torch body fat! Get Strong, Fast, and Lean!

The IGNITE! Metabolic Conditioning Program is a highly effective form of high intensity interval training executed WITHOUT A BARBELL. Like CrossFit, IGNITE! Metabolic Conditioning utilizes quick, challenging bursts of fat-burning exercises, interspersed with short recovery periods. But unlike CrossFit, IGNITE! Metabolic Conditioning focuses on supporting your athletic goals without highly technical weightlifting movements or heavy loads. Instead, IGNITE! relies on your own body weight, coupled with fun accessory equipment like medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, plyometrics, running and rowing to build lean muscle and burn body fat.

As a stand-alone program, the IGNITE! Metabolic Conditioning Program will shock you with its results! 

Coupled with Ross Valley CrossFit’s top notch coaching staff and nutrition protocol, you’ll set that metabolism on fire.Burn, baby! Burn!

Whether you’re already a CrossFit disciple, new to the CrossFit community, training for an event, or just want to try something new… come on in, bring a friend and get ready to sweat! A lot!

The IGNITE! Program is open to all new and existing Ross Valley CrossFit Members. Fill out the form below to get started. We’re excited to meet you!