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IGNITE! Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp Classes

Did you know….

Ross Valley CrossFit’s IGNITE! “Boot Campers” lose an average of 8 pounds of fat & gain 3 pounds of muscle?

Why not YOU?!

Give us 6 weeks……

We will give you all the training & nutrition support you need to end 2018 in the BEST SHAPE EVER; hit the holiday party season looking & feeling AMAZING!

All you have to do is FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

Step #1: Get signed up for RVC’s IGNITE! Boot Camp & come to Benchmark Day on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018!

  • Experience your first fun workout! Set your fitness benchmark with a personalized workout that’s challenging and fun!
  • Complete your AccuBody body composition scan
  • Get your personalized Nutrition Plan; learn what, when & how much to eat for YOUR goals.
  • Meet the RVC Coaching team, your support system for the 6-Week Challenge!
  • 6 weeks of unlimited training, a personalized nutrition plan, and the support of world-class coaches for only $299
  • (If you can’t join us for BenchMark Day, just let us know; we’ll schedule another time to meet with you)

Sign up today!

Step #2: Come to unlimited IGNITE! Boot Camp Classes

Mon. Oct. 1st thru Sat. Nov. 10th

  • Boot camp classes offered multiple times a day, up to 6 days a week.
  • Unlimited attendance; No reservations required.
  • Shed fat, build muscle, strengthen your core, and get toned!
  • Challenging, customizable workouts for every fitness level…yep, everyone can do this!
  • World-class coaches to educate, instruct, motivate, and inspire you!
  • High energy! Positive vibes! Awesome music!
  • Fun equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more! (no barbells, no heavy weights)
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 classes per week

See Our IGNITE! Schedule Here

Step #3: Commit to The Nutrition Challenge

Here’s how The Challenge works:

1. Complete your Accubody scan anytime between Saturday, Sept. 29th and Wednesday, October 3rd.

2. Receive your personalized Accubody nutrition prescription, based on your scan results. Learn what to eat to achieve YOUR goals!

3. Visit the online Nutrition Challenge Portal for awesome videos, shopping lists, recipes & menus & more!

4. Follow your personalized plan to feel great, lose weight & build muscle!

5. Complete quick & easy daily surveys delivered right to your inbox and stay accountable PLUS get you in the running for weekly prizes!

Follow your personalized nutrition plan, come to a minimum of 3 IGNITE! Boot Camp classes per week & BOOM: You’ll be ready to crush the holiday season looking & feeling AMAZING!

It’s really that SIMPLE!