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IGNITE! 6 Week Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp


With summer right around the corner, can you count on your current exercise routine to get you strong, lean, and ready for anything? Simply “going to the gym” isn’t gonna cut it; you need effective training AND a solid personalized nutrition plan to get the results you want.

Ross Valley CrossFit’s 6 Week Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp begins April 24th and offers EVERYTHING you’ll need to maximize your summer fun with more muscle, less fat, and a helluva lot more confidence:

  • 6 weeks of fun effective workouts to shred fat, build muscle, strengthen your core and get toned!
  • Individualized training for everyone in a high energy group environment!
  • No heavy weights! No barbells!
  • Personalized 6-week Nutrition Plan complete with AccuBody body composition scans!
  • NEW!!! Online Portal with nutritional support videos, recipes, & more!
  • Coach support, weekly accountability check-ins, & prizes!
  • Unlimited classes offered 6 days a week; check out the schedule here!
  • Camp runs from April 24th thru June 3rd
  • 6 weeks of unlimited training & personalized nutrition for only $249

RVC’s Boot Camps are the best around because we combine smart training with scientifically-sound nutrition planning that’s tailored to your goals and lifestyle; you’ll learn exactly WHAT to eat, HOW much, and WHEN, melting stubborn fat and building beautiful muscle…and that’s true fitness that lasts.

You want to look and feel amazing, right? So stop thinking about it and take some action! Sign up for RVC’s Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp today and make REAL CHANGE!