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IGNITE! Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp Classes

Ross Valley CrossFit’s IGNITE! Boot Camp Program is a high-energy group class that offers a personalized full-body workout experience, making it effective, challenging and FUN for everyone, regardless of their current fitness level. 

We utilize high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology to burn fat, build muscle, and keep your heart pumping.

Each class is an hour long, and is led by an expert Coach who will guide you through every movement, scaling the workout to meet your current level and your goals. 

There are no barbells, no complicated movements, and no heavy weights; in our IGNITE! Boot Camp Program, you don’t need these things to get the results you want.

And because it’s scaled to YOUR current ability, you can jump right into classes!

Join us for your first class as our guest. Reserve your first class here.

We look forward to seeing you in class!!

In Health,

Your RVC Coaching Team

P.S. If you love your first class, be ready to take advantage of our discounted Trial Month, which offers 30 days of unlimited classes for only $149, if you sign up for it right after your first class (regular rate is $199)