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An essential (and often overlooked) necessity to fostering happy and healthy kids is their ability to feel confident and capable PHYSICALLY. This is true for athlete and non-athlete alike. 

Physical proficiency translates directly into:

  • increased mental clarity
  • decreased anxiety
  • enhanced experiential curiosity (a willingness to try new things)
  • improved academic performance
  • better sleep
  • and obviously, improved PHYSICAL HEALTH!

ALL OF OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED WITH ONE GOAL IN MIND: building functionally fit individuals who are physically and mentally capable of doing all the things they love really, really well. 

RVC’s CrossFit Kids will experience:

  • Personalized instruction relevant to their current abilities and goals
  • A positive group environment that’s inclusive, supportive, and most importantly, FUN!
  • An education in functional fitness to support safety & efficacy in sports, play and life
  • Improved capacity in cardio/respiratory endurance, strength, speed, power, flexibility, accuracy, balance, agility, stamina and coordination. 
  • Did we mention, FUN?!
  • Classes are offered Monday – Friday from 3:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This is how to get your kid(s) signed up:

  1. Kiddo starts with 1 week of complimentary classes! Visit our online schedule and pick their first class, which will kick off their complimentary week. Reserve their first class here.  (You’ll be prompted to create a profile for your child and sign their waiver. This must be completed before their  1st class)
  2. When kiddo’s free week is complete, they can move into a membership. We offer the following options: Month to Month Unlimited: $185 per month, Month to Month 2x a week: $155 per month, 12 Month Unlimited: $165 per month or 12 Month 2x a week: $135 per month. (First and last month’s dues are collected at sign up)

A couple things to consider….

We offer an AWESOME hold policy. Anytime your child misses 2 weeks or more of classes, for any reason, simply email us their dates of absence (even retroactively) and that time will be added to the end of the original membership period. Once the membership is completed, your child will have all their missed training time to use up before the membership rolls over into a month to month status at the same discounted rate. Month to month members can simply have their memberships frozen for their times of absence.

We offer a 25% discount to 2nd family members, with additional family members receiving further discount.

We look forward to having your child in classes. Reserve their first class, and kick off their Free Week here.

*Please note that a waiver MUST be signed for your child before they can participate in class.