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RVC offers month-to-month or 12 month memberships, private training, and more!

*All memberships offer unlimited access to every group class

Your first month of membership also includes:

  • One AccuBody body composition scan & analysis
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Nutritional Support Material – menus, recipes, shopping lists
  • A 90 min. complimentary BarBell Club class
  • 30 Minute Goal Setting Session with Coach Steph

RVC currently offers the following membership CrossFit/IGNITE! membership options:

A.) Month-to-Month Membership (Commitment-free) $195 per month

B.) 12 Month Discounted Membership Agreement: $175 per month

A couple things….

We collect first and last month’s dues at time of sign-up. We also have an AWESOME hold policy. If you miss 2 weeks or more of training, for any reason, simply send us an email with a hold start date and end date. If you’re on the 12 month agreement, the missed time (up to 3 months per calendar year) will be added to the end of your membership period. If you’re on a month-to-month, we will simply hold the account for the time requested (up to 3 months per calendar year)

A membership at RVC offers so much more than just a gym membership.

Not only will you experience life-changing fitness, you’ll learn a TON about your body, movement, nutrition, mental focus, goal setting, and so much more. Plus you’ll have fun, meet rad people, and receive the guidance and support necessary to make REAL, SUSTAINABLE CHANGE, no matter what goals you’re gunning for.

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