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What Our Clients Say:

I’m a 53 year-old male and have been taking medication for the past 10+ years. I take Lipitor for high cholesterol (approaching total cholesterol of 300) and Lisinopril for high blood pressure. I’ve always been active. Even with all the exercise, my numbers remained high. Nothing ever changed so I attributed my high cholesterol and blood pressure to bad genes!

When I started crossfit at RVC, the first thing I noticed is the high level of intensity during each workout session. Slowly but surely I became fitter. During this time, I was having issues with symptoms from Graves Disease but by the end of the year I had that corrected. All the while, I did CrossFit. Every day that I walked into the box, I would look at the WOD (work out of the day) on the whiteboard and think to myself, “I can’t do that.” By the end of every session, I would be done! What a great feeling! The coaches do a great job getting each member through the WOD.

Soon after, I decided that I wanted to change my diet. I spoke to the coaches at RVC. They put me on a meal plan that fit my life style. In one month, I lost six pounds. More importantly, when I got my blood work done at the end of the month my numbers were fantastic. In fact, my results were so good my cardiologist took me off both the high cholesterol and blood pressure medications. I never thought I would be without medication. This is a huge accomplishment.

Since starting CrossFit at RVC, I have achieved more than I thought possible. I owe a huge amount of thanks and gratitude to Nick and Steph, the owners at RVC, all the coaches, and the tremendous community at RVC. Thank you for a new beginning!
-Mark M.

It sounds so trite to say “they changed my life;” but my experience with Ross Valley CrossFit has completely changed my life. I’m a 47 year-old white-collar-workin’ Marin county dad and a year and a half ago, all 5’10” of me weighed 235lbs and I was in the worst shape of my life. It was my wife’s concern for my health that got us to start coming to RVC. She discovered CrossFit and RVC because she was specifically looking for something I’d get excited about. Having been in relatively decent shape during my younger life, she knew I would welcome a new fitness regime, and she thought I’d be particularly interested in CrossFit. After meeting coach Nick and learning the basic premise of CrossFit, I was really excited to learn more and try it out; so we started coming.

At first, everything about the workouts seemed out of reach for me. I felt like an old guy who couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t do 10 pushups; I certainly couldn’t do a single pull-up, and even something as simple as a squat made me short of breath. But Nick was awesome – at every class, for every workout, he helped me scale the workouts to fit my ability. And more than just helping me get through the workouts, he helped me see and understand that part of CrossFit is about pushing beyond what you think you can do when you walk in the door. There were many days where I just didn’t think I could do what the workouts entailed, only to find that after pushing myself, I not only completed the class, but felt such a tremendous sense of accomplishment. And through it all, Nick never made me feel like I was failing, or not trying hard enough. He just keeps encouraging me and helping me and giving me confidence. And the dynamic of the class is so supportive and friendly, I’ve never felt alone in there, instead I feel like I’m part of a team.

Beyond the CrossFit workouts, Nick and Steph helped change my approach to nutrition in a big way. And as a result of those changes, I’ve seen amazing results.

A few months after I joined, RVC launched a six week “fitness challenge” that started with a body composition analysis. I’d never done that before, but it was amazing to see the composition of my body and understand how to feed it properly. Armed with that knowledge, I then began eating according to my personalized RVC nutrition plan. The results have been amazing. Over the course of the first six weeks I lost 20 pounds and significantly reduced my body fat percentage.

Today, almost a year and a half after joining, I am more committed than ever. I weigh 185lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life. And I can bust out the pull-ups. No kidding, I’ve got muscles showing where I didn’t know I even had muscles and there isn’t a time in my life when I have felt more physically capable than I do now.

I couldn’t more highly recommend Nick and Steph and RVC to anyone. I love the place and I love the people I work out with. It’s never hard for me to get up early to go to class. I feel lucky to be a part of the CrossFit community and especially RVC.
-Andy B.

I came to RVC as a mother of 2 young children, a competitive athlete in a ‘former life’ (or so it felt), in search of a change from the boring, inefficient and ineffective workout regime at a ‘mass market gym’. Little did I know how much life would change for me: I have gained several new skills, increased my strength and speed dramatically, competed in local competitions, re-gained the ‘athlete’ part of my identify (and my self-confidence as an athlete), made dozens of new friends. Oh, and I also lost 20 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs lean mass. The change that brings me the most happiness is actually the change in mindset from focusing on what my body is/isn’t (or looks like/doesn’t look like) to what my body can (and sometimes can’t ) do.

To echo many other reviews, RVC stands out from other gyms, and other CrossFit boxes for several important reasons:

– First, it solved the ‘boring, inefficient and ineffective’ workout problem: Crossfit is by definition highly varied – meaning a mixture of cardio, strength, gymnastics, mobility etc, which means each and every day is something different and challenging and done in 1 hour. Gone are the days of spending 90+ min slogging through the same boring treadmill work and weight sets. Results are measurable and tracked, which provides extra motivation. – Reasonable class size and schedule and knowledgeable and patient coaches always on hand to provide detailed and personal feedback on proper technique.

Now for what RVC delivers that I never knew I wanted/needed – Focus on all aspects of fitness including recovery, mobility and (and this was HUGE for me) nutrition. Several times a year RVC organizes a nutrition challenge focused on overall health and athletic performance (and not simply weight loss!!!). Awesome nutrition information provided by the RVC coaches. Body composition measurements using some of the most accurate methods around – Encouraging, deeply caring and fun community of athletes (and coaches) of all ages and abilities with just enough sense of competition to keep you on your toes (yet remain friends)

Each and every day I’m grateful to have found and be a part of this incredible community.
-Betsy C.

I first joined Ross Valley CrossFit not knowing what to expect from my first CrossFit experience. After starting at RVC and having an amazing experience, I joined a new gym in San Fran to make more sense with my commute. I thought to myself “how different could it be?”

Upon joining the new SF gym, I missed the collegial atmosphere of RVC right away. I learned very quickly that RVC is a unique place. Because I was locked in to a 6 month contract at the SF gym, I painstakingly experienced the “stereotypical” negative CrossFit experience: coaches that think they are really really cool, members that are self-proclaimed fitness experts, and a general lack of community.

Throughout my experience at the SF gym, I continued to attend RVC workouts every few weeks because I missed it so much. I couldn’t wait to come back. Now, I’m officially a member again and commute out of my way to get the RVC experience.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience and what you get at RVC compared to other gyms:
– The workouts are a perfect balance of strength and conditioning to achieve all types of fitness goals.
– Everything about the business is efficient. Cleanliness, scheduling, marketing, etc.
– Coaching is outstanding. Knowledgeable and professional.
– They do more mobility and injury prevention than any other gym I have worked out at
– Competitive, but not overbearing (as a former athlete, this was important to me).
– Owners are really really rad. They take feedback well and genuinely care about your experience. Nick and Steph are both getting a +1 if I ever get married.
– Members are inclusive

The reality is you are more than a customer at RVC. You become accepted as part of a supportive and motivated group of people that all share common goals and interests.
-Alex N.